Private Lessons

Private & Group Coaching Lessons Available Now!

Private dance lesson
Private dance lesson

At our Academy we offer all students private lessons in disciplines SingingActingDance.

Got an important performance or audition coming up?

Get a little extra help from one of our professional teachers working on your material.

In our private lessons you are guaranteed specific 1:1 help with whatever area of performance you would like to focus on. Whether you have a class presentation coming up and you’re nervous about public speaking, or an audition/performance opportunity that you would like a little extra help preparing for; our professional teachers have been there, and are ready to pass on their inside experience and knowledge to help you.

Whatever your coaching needs, these private coaching sessions will be perfect for you.

We also offer group coaching sessions for small groups up to 5, focusing on developing skills in one of the three disciplines in a relaxed and safe environment, helping each other to learn and improve.

In the Private & Group coaching sessions you will be focusing on developing skills in:


  • Developing correct vocal techniques and vocal strength
  • Extending vocal range
  • Building confidence in singing
  • Acting through song
  • Tone, tuning and harmonies
  • Finding your individual sound
  • Audition preparation


  • Developing Techniques in a specific chosen dance style or a variety
  • Working on performance in dance
  • Musicality and movement
  • Building confidence in dance
  • Retaining Choreography and working on creating your own
  • Developing strength, flexibility and mobility in dance
  • Audition preparation


Private acting lessons

  • Developing confidence in Acting
  • Learning how to approach and break down a script
  • Developing a character
  • Styles of writing from classical to contemporary
  • Different practitioner script techniques
  • Developing stage craft
  • Audition preparation

Private sessions can be booked in 30 or 45 minute slots.

Please contact the team for private lesson prices and to book your slot.