About Us

Fixation is a multi-award-winning Performing Arts Academy based in North London & Hertfordshire.

Fixation Performing Arts Academy is run by Academy Directors Laura Davitt & Carly Pryke. Fixation was founded in 2012 by Laura Davitt, who created an artistic company of trained performing arts professionals and youth workers to create opportunities for young people and adults to participate in the performing arts and develop new skills in a safe and collaborative environment.

In 2014 now Academy Director Carly joined the team that Laura had created and together with over 30 years of combined teaching and performing experience, they formed what we now know as Fixation Academy of Performing Arts.

Fixation Academy is a welcoming place for all to flourish, learn and grow. Our team of professionals use their extensive knowledge of the performance industry to provide quality training in disciplines acting, singing, dance, drama and musical theatre for ages 4-18 and adults.

Our aim for each person that comes through our doors is to have fun, build confidence, make new friends, learn new skills and express themselves through the arts. Whether you see the performing arts as a fun hobby or potential career path, Fixation Academy is a place for students to discover and shine. We aim to give each child the skills and training necessary to turn their own dreams into a reality.

At our Academy students benefit from weekly term time classes that work towards annual full-scale productions, in house shows and other public performances such as community festivals and competitions throughout the year. Fixation Academy of Performing Arts also gives students the opportunity to progress through their exam grades with LAMDA and the Royal Academy of Dance. For more information regarding exams please click here (link to exams page)

Our Goals

  • Igniting young performers passion for the stage
Our Mission

  • Unlocking students full potential by developing skills in confidence, independence, creativity and imagination
Our Focus

  • Passing our teachers extensive training and knowledge onto our students, giving them the tools necessary to turn their dreams into reality
Our Work

  • Creating a safe space to allow students to explore, imagine, express, create and thrive

Laura and Carly have created a safe and powerful space for students, blending their love and knowledge of the performing arts with their passion for teaching and working with young people.

Fixation welcomes all abilities and ages 4+ into the Academy.

Academy Directors Laura & Carly at Londons New Years Day 2020 Parade

What people say about us:

Work Experience

After my mum found fixation through a friend on social media I knew it was going to be the perfect place for me to to my work experience.
I met with Laura before I started and told her the things I wanted to focus on (prop design and backstage management).
Laura and Carly made sure I had plenty of things to do in that area like helping with making the props for the show, which helped me bring out my creative side and being backstage during the shows.
My work experience was the duration of two weeks and after that I knew I wanted to stay on as a volunteer as everyone was so welcoming, I was learning a lot and doing the things I am passionate about. Luckily Laura took me on as a volunteer and has given me the opportunity for a potential job. Every week I am learning more and more and gaining more experience.

Nicole – Aged 16 (Student / Volunteer)

Nicole - Aged 16

Fantastic teachers!

The teachers are fantastic!

My 14 year old daughter has been attending classes with Fixation since she was at primary school and now also volunteers as a helper with the younger children’s groups. I can honestly say Fixation has been the best thing she has joined ( and believe me we’ve tried them all!).

She has had so many opportunities with Fixation, for example appearing at a Spice Girls event, representing them on a trip to Berlin, appearing in the mayor’s New Years Day parade and at many local fairs and festivals as well as appearing in Fixation’s many own shows.

For Fixation’s own shows the students collaborate with the teachers to write the shows and work through and include issues that are important to them.

She has a lovely group of Fixation friends who all attend different secondary schools so it is a great social network for her. This is a reflection of how inclusive Fixation is ;all the kids are very different and yet they accept those differences, get on well together , work as a team and socialise together.

The teachers are fantastic both at teaching and with improving the students confidence, and as my daughter has got older I have found them to also be great mentors for her.

We are so pleased that we joined Fixation !

Jane Canton

Fabulous workshop!

My students had an amazing experience working with Laura and Steph on an LGBT workshop towards a production they are currently working on. All students thoroughly enjoyed themselves especially my Year 7 students who would have experienced this for the first time. They were all engaged, got to work with different people each time (as a mixed year 7&8 Drama Club) and developed their teamwork and effective communication skills. The ladies were really friendly and worked well with the students. Thank you ladies for the great experience and hope to work with you all again soon.

Tammy Jacobs

Mother’s Day Streetdance session

I joined my daughter in the Mother’s Day Streetdance session. I usually do not get to see her do the class due to commitments at work, but took time off for this occasion.

We both really enjoyed dancing together! I was very impressed with what my daughter has learned so far and she herself was very proud to help me get through the warming up and choreography!

It really was a quality time bonding “session” for me and I am looking forward to future parent/child sessions!

Thank you!