Crazy Hat and Hair Day

This fundraiser was a big success 🙂 

Crazy hat day
Crazy hat day – click to enlarge

Date & Time: Week Commencing Monday 11th March in Fixation classes

To support the Fixation productions that we are putting on this year and to help raise money to be able to put these shows together we are holding a Crazy Hat and Hair Day fundraiser in all of our Children’s Theatre classes and also our Adults with learning disabilities and autism classes Showdown and Curtains Up.

This fundraiser was a big success and we are very thankful to all of our wonderful members who took part in this and came into class with their crazy hair and hats and helped us to raise money for our shows.

We also have prizes for 2 members in each class who had the craziest hate or hair and who managed to raise the most amount of money!

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