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Complaints Policy



Fixation Academy of Performing Arts (FPA) is committed to ensuring that all students and members participating in any of our classes/projects have a positive and rewarding experience. However, it is inevitable that there may be an occasion when a concern arises that requires investigation. In the majority of cases, it is expected that they will be resolved in an appropriate and effective way with the relevant programme manager. However, should a complaint be raised that requires a more formal investigation and response, FPA has a procedure in place to ensure that the complaint can be dealt with as quickly as possible and in the best interests of all parties involved.


If your complaint relates to a specific event or project delivered by FPA the initial contact should be with the employee running the event, who will do their best to resolve your complaint. If, after this initial contact, you feel that your concern has not been addressed, you should then contact the FPA office and ask to speak to a member of the Senior Management Team, who will assist you.

FPA is committed to acknowledging all formal complaints within seven days and aims to resolve all complaints within four weeks. In the case of more serious complaints this may take longer, but you will be kept informed of progress.

If you have concerns that your complaint was not handled correctly in the first instance and still believe that you have not had a satisfactory outcome, you should contact the Directors, Laura Davitt / Carly Pryke in writing to /, who will investigate the procedures followed subsequent to you lodging your complaint. If, after reviewing the procedures the Director, discovers discrepancies, a further investigation will be carried out. If, after reviewing the procedures, the Director is happy that the procedures were followed correctly, and your complaint has been addressed, the matter will be closed.

FPA will only review an original response to a complaint once, and when the Director is satisfied that the response and the outcome were satisfactory, there will be no further investigation or appeal.

Signed: L. Davitt
Date: 6nd September 2020
Date to be reviewed: September 2022

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