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Our Youth Theatre show was devised and created entirely by our Youth Theatre classes and the themes that they wanted to explore in theatre.

The process of creating this show started with our young people discussing the issues that they feel they have to face in today’s society and then deciding the struggles of this is the message that they want to send in their show.

The groups then came up with their own story lines and characters which were all written into a script and became- BeYoutiful

Parents say school is the best years of your life… But just the word ‘school’ these days is enough to make butterflies churn in your stomach and a lump form in your throat.

Secondary school can be a teenagers reality of hell; exams, teachers, bullies, emotions, relationships, social media, expectations to know exactly what career path you want to take, trying to fit in but not knowing which shape you want to fit- this overwhelming pressure comes from all directions and is what’s facing teenagers day in day out, making the ‘best years of your life’ a real living nightmare and a one way ticket to disaster.

Follow a group of teenagers as they navigate their way through their first year of sixth form, trying their best to survive, whilst finding out who they want to be.

Come along and see this wonderfully raw show at the Bull Theatre in High Barnet this April.


Date & Time: 7th April 2019
Location:The Bull Theatre

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