At Fixation Academy of Performing Arts we work towards annual full-scale productions as well as other performance events to celebrate our students progress and development throughout the year.


It’s also the perfect opportunity for parents to see their children up on the big stage!


How many shows are there each year?

Depending on which class your child attends, they will have the opportunity to take part in one of our annual yearly professional productions.

All our classes work towards one main, full-scale production each year, which is performed at the end of the summer term.

As well as this production, students are given the opportunity to perform publicly throughout the year at events, festivals, and other performance opportunities.

All of these are optional.

Our Youth Theatre group focuses on developing a full production from start to finish throughout the year, including devising, writing, producing and directing the full show.

Youth Theatre Shows are held at Finchley Youth Theatre, East Finchley towards the end of the Spring Term or start of the Summer Term, before any of the students school exams begin.

Our Showdown & Curtains Up classes also perform in their own annual full-scale productions each year.

When does the show take place?

Annual productions take place in the show term which falls in the summer term.

Shows usually take place at the end of the summer term, In July.

Where does the show take place?

Our annual productions take place in a professional theatre located in North London.

Exact locations may differ each year, and parents will be informed well in advance as to where the show will be located.

Is the show mandatory?

Students are given the option as to whether they would like to be a part of the cast in our annual shows – there is no pressure for students to take part.

All students are welcome to still attend classes, even if they choose not to take part in the final show.

Are there any extra costs involved?

Show Casts are subject to an additional show & costume fee.

Our Academy show fee solidifies your child’s place in the production, and the costume fee covers the costuming for the production.

Show fee & costume fee’s are non - refundable.

Does my child have to audition?

Casting roles for our annual musical theatre full-scale production is done through an auditioning process.

All students are invited to take part in a fun and relaxed audition day which allows teachers to determine which characters would be best suited to make each student shine!

We pride ourselves on creating a safe and supportive environment in which audition days are non-pressured and enjoyable for all.

We aim to build our students up and celebrate each student’s individual talent!

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