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Name of regulation:Mobile Phone and Camera Policy

Purpose of regulation: To provide guidance about the use of mobile phones and  cameras during Fixation Academy of Performing Arts (FPA) sessions.

Approval for this regulation given by: Directors
Responsibility for its update: Directors
Regulation applies to: FPA company staff and volunteers.

Policy Statement

Mobile Phones

  • Fixation Academy of Performing Arts (FPA) agrees to staff bringing personal mobile phones to classes. They must however, keep their personal phones in bags or pockets on silent or off at all times and not use them at all when in contact with the clients.
  • FPA does not allow clients to use phones during class for personal use. It is the responsibility of staff to manage mobile phone use during classes.
  • Use of mobile phones for music, YouTube or voice recording is only allowed if agreed with the Director.
  • Mobile phone calls may only be taken during breaks or in the staffs’ own time. If a staff member has a personal emergency they are free to make a personal call from their mobile away from members if there is another staff present to stay with them.

Cameras for filming equipment

  • Permission must be given and signed for by the member, parent or guardian before any pictures or filming takes place.
  • It is essential that photographs are taken and stored appropriately to safeguard children. Only the designated camera by the director is to be used to take any photo.
  • All photos and films taken are property of FPA and are not to be used by staff in any form.


FPA Staff must implement:

  • Staff and young people’s mobiles must be on silent or switched off to not disturb the session, workshop or show.
  • No mobile phones or pictures to be taken in sessions by staff, volunteers or members under any circumstances. Designated equipment must be used.


FPA DO NOT hold any responsibility for any damages, lost or stolen electronic devices owned by members, staff and audience members.

A disclosure has been placed in the registration form that a parent or legal guardian must sign which states that FPA holds no responsibility.

Staff, volunteers or members are not allowed to take photographs, videos or recordings on their own personal devices.

Staff are not allowed to use any photographs, videos or recording of members for personal or professional reasons without agreement from the Director and ensuring all credits are given to FPA.


Signed: L. Davitt

Date: 6th September 2021

Date to be reviewed: September 2022

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