LAMDA Performance Art (7+)

Weekly Class:  East Finchley, Saturdays: 2:30 - 3:30pm.

Fixation Academy of Performing Arts is proud to teach Lamda exams & qualifications at our establishment. This class if specific for any students wanting to further their technique, knowledge and understanding of performing and push their passion further by gaining qualifications accredited by LAMDA.

Our LAMDA classes are suitable for ages 7-16 and will run for 8 weeks during the term.

Students can choose to focus their learning on and sit group, duo or solo exams in the following areas of performance:

  • Speech and Drama
  • Musical Theatre
  • Shakespeare

Our LAMDA teachers are all experienced professionals who guide and support students through exam preparation following advice and guidelines set by the LAMDA syllabus’, ensuring students are 100% ready for their exam.

What does a LAMDA class look like?

Depending on which area of performance students choose to focus on, our LAMDA classes will vary. LAMDA exams require students to be able to work independently, the class will include a group of students, who will complete a warm-up together lead by the teacher. The group may then break out into independent rehearsals, being given exercises and tasks to carry out in the rehearsal room by their teachers. Exams can either be sat independently (performing solo), as a duo (performing with one other person) or in a group exam (a small group performance), our teachers will help guide you on which exam they think you will shine.

Exam pieces will be devised, scripted and rehearsed with direction from our LAMDA teachers. Our Teachers will then help students polish and perfect their performance level, guiding them through different techniques, and giving students all the tools and resources, they need to thrive. As well as this, part of the class will include ‘mock exams’, as a way for students to have a ‘dress rehearsal’ of their exam day, ensuring that students are fully prepared for their exam.

For more information about LAMDA Exams and what they will include please see our exams page.

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Location & Times:

 East Finchley, Saturdays: 2:30 - 3:30pm.