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E-Safety & Zoom Policy

E-Safety and Zoom Policy

Fixation Academy of Performing Arts (FPA) understands the need for such technology in order to arm our young people with the skills to access life-long learning and employment.

Information and Communications Technology covers a wide range of resources including; web-based learning. It is also important to recognise the constant and fast paced evolution of ICT within our society as a whole. Currently the internet technologies children and young people use at FPA are:

  • Social Media Platforms
  • IPADs
  • Business Phones
  • Recording Devices
  • Search Engines
  • Fixation Website
  • Youtube

All users need to be aware of the range of risks associated with the use of these Internet technologies and at FPA we understand the responsibility to educate our children and young people on eSafety issues; teaching them the appropriate behaviours and critical thinking skills needed to enable them to remain both safe and legal when using the internet and related technologies.

We believe it is essential for eSafety guidance to be given to the pupils on a regular and meaningful basis.

The SMART guidelines are visible to children and young people and are explained to children and young people wishing to use the internet.

SAFE– Keep safe by not giving out personal information, such as name, email, phone number, address or school name to people who you do not know.

MEETING– Never agree to meet anyone you have only met online unless your parent/career is with you.

ACCEPTING– Do not accept emails or instant messages, or open files, images or texts from people you do not know. They can contain viruses or nasty messages.

RELIABLE– Not all information found on the Internet is reliable and people you meet online will not always tell you the truth.

TELL– Tell a member of staff or your parents if someone or something you encounter online makes you feel uncomfortable.

Children, young people and Members are aware of the impact of online bullying, abusive, sexual, terrorist and extremist material and know how to seek help if they are affected by these issues. Staff have attended E-safety awareness training and talks within the session take place. Laura Davitt has attended CEOP training.

The Named e-Safety coordinators are Carly Pryke and Laura Davitt It is the responsibility of the coordinators to keep abreast of current issues and guidance through organisations such as CEOP, Childnet and Herts for Learning.

Misuse and Infringements- Complaints relating to e-Safety should be made to the eSafety co-ordinator or the FPA. Incidents should be logged and the Hertfordshire Flowcharts for Managing an e-Safety Incident should be followed (see appendix) and Barnet Council.

Inappropriate material- All users are aware of the procedures for reporting accidental access to inappropriate materials. The breach must be immediately reported to the e-Safety coordinator.

Deliberate access to inappropriate materials by any user will lead to the incident being logged by the e-Safety coordinator, depending on the seriousness of the offence; investigation by the Manager, immediate suspension, possibly leading to dismissal and involvement of the police for very serious offences (see flowchart.) Parents will be asked to sign the Incident Record.

FPA ensures that children are supervised when they have access to the Internet and FPA staff will preview any recommended sites before use. Raw image searches are discouraged when working with children. If children need assistance with their homework, which requires the Internet, then FPA will preview the recommended websites and assist the child. Security is high and anti-virus software is uploaded and updated regularly and unacceptable sites are blocked.

Children’s names will not be published on FPA’s website; and a check in the registration packs will be made to ensure that parental permission has been given for that child to be displayed on FPA website or social media.

ZOOM Classes:

Since COVID19 and the government guidance of lockdowns, FPA has transferred classes online to ensure students and members can still engage and keep active throughout the lockdown. FPA signed up to the online platform of to hold classes.

Within these classes FPA has ensured that the security settings are set to the highest and have the following in place:

  • Scheduled meetings with passwords have been set for each class.
  • Waiting room has been enabled.
  • FPA website has guidance to e-safety platforms and signposting and also guidance for the parents to supervise.
  • A member of the FPA team host’s the session
  • Classes are recorded for safeguarding purposes and deleted if nothing arises.
  • Group agreement is in place with students/members.
  • Risk Assessment has been created and followed.

Signed: L. Davitt
Date: 6th September 2021
Date to be reviewed: September 2022

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