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Book an Online Class with us!

Over the past year our online classes have continued to keep children entertained, social and active; learning singing, dancing and acting from pro teachers whilst at home.

’My little girl is 7 years old, she has a fabulous time in the online zoom classes. The teachers are very interactive and engaged with my daughter throughout the class. Would highly recommend Fixations online classes to all parents!’

Follow these simple steps to book a place in one of our online classes this half term:

To book a Free Taster Session in one of our online classes, please click here...

 Step 1: 

Fill out the online enrolment form - This is for students aged 18 and under.  The enrolment form should be filled out by a parent or legal guardian.

Please Note, if you have already completed this form within the past year, you can skip this step.

Adults booking our fitness class should complete the adult class enrolment form.

 Step 2: 

Class Payment - Please use the PayPal form below to select the amount of classes you would like to attend each week. 

If booking our Adult Fitness Class, please select the Adult Fitness option in the drop-down.  Our Adult Fitness Class is bookable per week or in a 4 week block booking.

Please note: This booking form is per participant.

Class Fee Options - Spring Term 23rd Jan-11th Feb 2021 (3 Weeks)
Participant's Full Name:

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 Step 3: 

Once payment has been made in Step 2 you will then be directed to our Class Selection Form where you will select which classes you would like to attend.

Following this, you will be sent a confirmation email including access to your online class/es.

If you are booking our Adult Fitness Class and have completed steps 1 & 2, your order is now complete and you will receive a confirmation email soon.

We look forward to seeing you in class!