Baby Ballet (3-5)

Weekly Class: East Finchley, Saturdays: 9:15am -9:45am

Baby Ballet is for the youngest students in our Academy: Ages 3-5

Our Baby Ballet classes focus on developing dance technique through play and giving your little ones a safe space to learn, dance, gain confidence, make friends and shine in a fun environment, taught by our professional tutors.

We follow the RAD Pre-Primary syllabus in our Baby Ballet classes. RAD Pre-Primary ballet is the first grade of the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and is designed for children who have just started reception year at school age 4-5.  The children will begin to learn the ballet basic positions such as 1st position, and steps such as skipping, jumping and galloping.

Our Baby Ballet classes work towards our annual Dance showcase as well as optional RAD exams.

In our Baby Ballet class, we focus on developing the following skills:

  • Building Confidence
  • Ballet and dance techniques
  • Encouraging exercise and activity
  • Growing in mobility and flexibility
  • Developing Musicality and movement

To view our 2021 show dates and further show information, please visit our Shows page.

 East Finchley, Saturdays: 9am -9:30am