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Anti-Bullying Policy

Name of regulation: Anti-Bullying policy
Purpose of regulation: The aim of the anti-bullying policy is to ensure that pupils learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment without fear of being bullied.
Approval for this regulation given by: Directors
Responsibility for its update: Directors
Regulation applies to: Fixation Academy company staff, members and volunteers.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Fixation Academy of Performing Arts (FPA) responsibility:

FPA recognises the utmost importance of a staff, volunteers, student and member’s physical and emotional wellbeing and therefore has the duty to ensure a safe environment for every member. FPA staff have a duty and obligation in protecting students and members from harassment, discrimination and bullying.

 FPA promotes well-being, individual development and has a duty of care for all members who attend. Our aim is for all students and members to have an enriching time with us and have a great sense of achievement at the end of each session. We want members to feel secure, confident and to grow in self-esteem therefore the prevention of bullying (physical, verbal or emotional) is a central principle.


Bullying is defined as undermining, intimidating or humiliating the person/s.

Bullying prevents members reaching their full potential and therefore bullying is taken seriously at FPA. Bullying is not tolerated.

 Forms of bullying include:  

  • Sexual discrimination
  • Homophobia- including homophobic language
  • Racial discrimination
  • Discrimination against race or religion
  • Discrimination against disabilities
  • Using abusive/threatening language against staff or members

Director’s responsibility:

The director has the responsibility to ensure that unfair treatment does not occur in work areas by challenging inappropriate behaviour, responding to and supporting victims of unfair treatment, providing appropriate advice and enforcing the right sanctions so that there is not a repeat of any victimisation.

 Staffing responsibilities:

All staff will ensure they are responsible for their own behaviour. Each staff member has a duty of care and respect for every member of the FPA Team, including colleagues and team members. Any staff member who does not abide to the anti-bullying procedures will be subject to disciplinary action.

 Our Staffs responsibilities are:

  • We protect students, members and staff in our care from all forms of bullying including violence, threats, teasing, name calling, exclusions, stealing and spreading rumours or malicious gossip.
  • All staff members must enforce the above protection in their conduct, classes and support.
  • Staff are to encourage members towards a positive self-image and help students and members to see themselves as company members, therefore supporting positive relationships with their peers and tutors.
  • Staff will always support and offer suitable advice to all members and parents involved in bullying incidents and to provide opportunities for members to discuss bullying with staff.
  • Bullying will be treated seriously and the bully will be sanctioned according to the disciplinary procedures and in serious incidents they will be asked to leave.
  • Staff will listen to the student’s / member’s concerns, taking them seriously and acting upon them
  • Staff will work with members to make them aware of rules against bullying and encourage a sense of collective responsibility.
  • Staff will take appropriate action if an incident occurs, including mediation, support, parental involvement, sanctions and record keeping.
  • Staff will respect each other and encourage others to respect one another.
  • To support staff members who are victims of harassment/bullying/discrimination.


If we have any concerns that a student / member in our company is being bullied or is bullying, we will discuss the matter with the member/parent/carer immediately.

The following steps may be taken when dealing with incidents:

  • If bullying is suspected or reported, the incident will be dealt with immediately by the member of staff who has been approached.
  • A clear account of the incident will be recorded and given to the Director.
  • The Director will interview all concerned and will record the incident
  • Parents/carers will be informed
  • The following disciplinary steps can be taken:
  • Official warnings to cease offending
  • If it continues, the student / member/s will be asked to leave the company.

Signed: L. Davitt
Date: 6nd September 2021
Date to be reviewed: September 2022

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