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Accident & Incident Policy

Accident & incident reporting and investigation

All accidents and incidents must be reported immediately to the relevant lead member of staff and the Health and Safety Co-ordinator (Directors). An Accident Form found on the google drive which can be accessed by phone or laptop needs to be completed and submitted to a manager as soon as possible after the incident. Completed forms should be made available to the Health and Safety Co-ordinator as soon as possible.

Accidents not requiring medical attention (including minor cuts where a plaster is necessary) will be logged in a duplicate accident-reporting book kept with the First Aid Kit at (location). The original must be read and signed by parent/carer of the student/member and a copy kept on file.

Employees/volunteers must log all accidents regardless of severity.

Medical conditions

In the event that the student / member is injured and requires hospital treatment, you must be able to pass on relevant information to the emergency services.

Remember to contact the parents / carers or emergency contact information (found on the registration portal of the student/member involved as soon as possible. If you are unable to do so, ask a colleague or Manager to contact them on your behalf.

Do not administer any medication unless you have written permission from parent/carer. If a student / member becomes unwell in your care but does not need medical attention, arrange for them to be returned home as soon as possible.

Serious incident / accident procedure

A serious accident or incident is defined as:

  • An accident leading to a fatality, serious or multiple fractures, amputation or other serious injury OR
  • Circumstances in which a group member might be at serious risk or have a serious illness

The following suggestions are intended as a guide to enable individuals in times of stress to follow a course of action covering the main basic priorities. Obviously no such list will ever be finite and there will be other necessary actions depending on the situation. However, it is important that the relevant information is quickly and easily available.

 Action to be taken by the lead worker

  • Assess the situation
  • Protect the group from further injury or danger
  • Call Emergency Services (999) and/or police, as appropriate
  • Render first aid or other service as appropriate
  • Phone your head office contact person (as soon as possible)
  • Remove the remainder of the group to a secure location and place them under the care of colleague/s who is/are able to protect them from further harm or incident.
  • Do not make any statements to press/media or allow anyone else to make statements.
  • Do not allow group members to telephone home until contact has been made with head office.
  • Do not allow any officials to speak to any group member without an independent witness being present
  • Refer all press/media to head office
  • Complete an Accident Report Form as soon as possible

 Action to be taken by Director

  • Take down a contact telephone number for the group leader and listen carefully, writing down the following:
  • What happened – To whom – Where – When
  • What has happened since the incident
  • Report to relevant organisations such as MASH, RIDDOR or the buildings Premises Controller.

Signed: L. Davitt

Date: 6nd September 2021

Date to be reviewed:  September 2022

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